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On receiving hate mail.

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 6:29 PM
I guess I should've expected it.

Since the day I started the IndieGoGo Campaign for a pair of wedding rings, I've received tons of PM's and comments from people, ranging from simply saying I should stop and up to saying I'm literally the scum of the earth and a shitlord for making a campaign for that.

In the age of so many life and project supporting campaigns, where people donate over 55'000$ to a guy making potato salad, I thought making a simple Wedding related campaign wasn't such a bad idea. I mean, I'm being honest on what the campaign is for, I realize it's not a complete necessity. My life hasn't been exactly what most people would call 'stable', with having to move a lot, having a broken poverty-ridden family, living in places where people have showed I'm not welcome at for the basis of my nationality, and now living in a Spanish speaking country (language that I don't know), all of which impacted educational and employment opportunities. I still hope I'll be able to go to college one day. But now I've had finally found someone who helped me move in with her and start a new life together. Seeing as how I'm not a local in this country and my tourist visa is quickly running out, it's one of the reasons why we're getting married so quickly and with just a simple document signing and nothing else.
And since my fiancee has helped me so much, I thought the least I could do is try to get at least one thing that normal people have when they get married. A pair of wedding rings. It's really only once that you hope you'll get married.

You might think that because I'm a guy, I probably never cared about things as weddings and such. It's not true. I still brightly remember my oldest sisters wedding all those years ago, how bright and joyful it was, how everyone was there, it was their big day, and I've always dreamed that maybe hopefully I'd also have such a day for me and someone I love. And now I realize that, no, I'm not getting that either. And that makes me sad. And I realize I've done nothing to deserve it, so people sending these messages to me are right. I shouldn't have started the campaign.

Thank you very much all who did help me and in a sense thank you all who said I shouldn't have asked for this. I should remember where I am and what's my place.

Thank you and good night.

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Wedding Rings!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 9:28 PM

Hello everyone!

As some of you might know, my fiancée saved me from being homeless and starving a couple of months ago when life hit me the hardest, and I for the first time experienced how it's like when someone loves and cares of you. We've been together for a long time, and a lot of stuff has happened, so both of us decided to get married.

Now, since we're both very poor living in one of the poorest countries in Central America, we can't afford neither a church or celebration, and neither of us have any relatives to invite either way. But the only thing we both would love to have is Wedding Rings.

Yes, the only thing we wish for to commemorate our upcoming holy union is a pair of wedding bands. Simple ones, silver if possible. No texture, no engravings, just a simple pair of rings. So I ask you, my dear friends, if you could very kindly chip in on our goal for this.

So for this purpose I made an IndieGoGo Life campaign. Check it out here:…

If donating using a credit-card is too difficult or not possible for you to do, we also can receive funds through PayPal:

Any kind of help would be deeply appreciated. I have dreamed of this moment since I was a little boy, and I don't even regret not having a real wedding. All I want is to be able to put a ring on my significant other.

Thanks for listening,

Bruno and Marcela

Edit: Only 4 days left for the campaign!

Hello friends!

As you might remember, the last time I left you all, I...well, my whole family was getting kicked out of our apartment because we couldn't pay the debts we had accumulated. Well, a lot of things both good and bad happened between now and then. Starting with the bad news is that, well, my dad got jailed for 3 years. I'll never go into specifics, but I'll say, desperate times called for desperate measures, or so did my dad think. Obviously, I'm depressed and hurt about this every day, as I love my father and he's very old and weak, I just hope he won't just die there (or worse, be killed) :( . We didn't have money to spend on a good lawyer, we sold so many of our possessions just to be able to get ANY lawyer at all, it's crazy.

As for the good news, I was able to move out once again. My family has a place to stay still back in Latvia, but I had to find a place, and a few months back my long distance girlfriend helped me move into her San Salvador, Central America. Yeah, it's pretty far from home, and yes, it's not the most well off country either, as most people here are trying to escape to U.S., but at least it's something, and I'm happy to be alive, under a roof and together with her.

And for even more good news, we're planning to get married. We don't have a lot of money between us, in fact, I'm actually still very much so completely broke, so we will not have a ceremony or a party sadly. But I still am very excited about it nonetheless.

Of course, getting started in a new country is hard and I still need to be checked out by a doctor, so please consider helping out a soon-to-be-newlywed couple? As it is now, we can't afford even simple pair metal or silver rings. 

It would be hugely appreciated.

With lots of love,
Bruno & Marcela

Eviction Notice

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2014, 5:25 AM
Hello fellow artists. There's a couple of things happening that I wanted to tell you all about.

First of all, thanks to all who helped me before. With your all help, I was able to have a bit of a stock of medicines that should last me for a bit. Though while I got enough L-Thyroxine, I still need to get Esomezaprolum, so I can function without having to stop for stomach pain every now and then. But at least I think my sleepiness is getting better.

Sadly though, something else happened. Due to our financing (rather the lack of it), I have to move by the end of the month. While I already have a place to move, I'm moving in with somebody really important to me who was kind enough to want to help me, I still need finances for the move and for the first few months to live immediately. Seems like life really likes to throw me around places >.>". First Norway, now home too. And seeing as how I'm still unemployed, I....just don't know what to do. The good thing is that the area I'm moving, it might actually have a job for me (YAAY!) and I'd be so happy if I could start working and take care of myself, I need to be able to GET to that point. Braaaaains... 

While I'll try to see if I can scrounge up some money myself, maybe sell some things, donate blood, anything, maybe you can help me? Any help, no matter how small or big, would be really helpful.

I really hope things in the future will turn up brighter. It has been nothing but dark things happening to me and my family lately.

With love,


Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 8:19 AM
Good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever time of the day it is when you're reading this. Though I should update you on what happened to me after all this time.

Short story: Depressed 

Long story: Well, as you might know, in December 31st with the help of my friend Vix I moved from Latvia to Norway, in hopes of having a jump-start on my life, starting anew, finding a job and helping my family back home. Things didn't turn out that great.
While I lived there for a while, being with such incredible people really changed me in many ways, and I gained a lot of self-confidence and stuff, and the experience living there was just amazing and I'm forever thankful for that. But I didn't come there to have fun and games, I actually went there to do something with my life, to escape poverty. I was looking for a job, but other people had different ideas...

In a world of globalization, where people move freely from country to country, I guess there are still tons of people left who hate people from different countries and cultures. Such was a case with me. Even though I was as polite as possible to everyone, the neighbors living there didn't take kindly of the fact that a non-Norwegian was living there, and so didn't my friends apartment's owner. So, naturally, me being the immigrant I was, I was quickly thrown out and told I can never live there again. Yaaay.... :/

So, without any other option of where to live, I am now forced to be back in Latvia, again, in deep poverty, jobless and educationless. Situation's so bad right now that I haven't been able to afford my thyroid medicine, or my anti-depressants any more for many weeks now, and buying any kind of food is increasingly difficult too. Not talking even about bills and debts and such. My friends are actively trying to search for other options where I could stay in Norway, but at this point, the possibility of finding anything is slim.

It pains me to do this, and it sucks, but at this point I'm so depressed and out of options, that I ask you, the reader, to help if possible at all. My N#1 priority is getting my medicine so I don't die in a few months time and after that I'll try to think of next steps to take. Click that button down there. Maybe, maybe there will be some hope...

More Arts?

Wed Jan 22, 2014, 4:18 AM


Hello my dear followers.

I just wanted to give a small update on what's up and ask you all to do something for me.

I'm currently happily residing in Norway, Oslo, in my friends apartment, getting to know the place, talking with locals and slowly getting comfortable living in a foreign country. Things are moving rather slowly, but that was to be expected.

Regarding making art, it's.....a bit more complicated. I haven't really had time to make anything new and it's also winter-time. So far my success rate in Art in Winter is 0%. And most of what I make from old photos I put on Tumblr. Like I said before, I save DeviantART for only the top-notch quality works for you guys to see. But there's a problem.

Since I've been stuck in an art-block, I can't really tell anymore what you guys would like to see here and what not. What looks decent and what is complete utter shit. So, what I'm asking you to do is, go to my Tumblr's art tag here:… and either in Tumblr send an ask or comment right here which one of my art pieces you like the best and maybe your choice will appear right here on DeviantART.

Thanks a lot ;)

Yes, I only just yesterday finally got the actual plane ticket. I'm finally moving from Latvia to Norway. For at least 3 months in the beginning.

Usually people wouldn't be so excited/stressed/whateverthisis about plane tickets and flying somewhere, but this is not simple tourism for me. This is a life-changing event. Or so it should be. Even if I don’t really succeed with the jobbies, it's not only about that, but also about improving myself as a human, my personality and trying my best to get rid of all my worst traits.

Update: I'm gonna update more about life in Norway in my Tumblr blog:…

Disclaimer: Sorry all English speaking people, but this journal is for people living in my country only.

Sveiciens visiem Latvijā dzīvojošajiem!

Cerams ka vismaz kāds no maniem sekotājiem šeit ir arī no šīs valsts un vēl nezin, kas īsti ir ClubLatvia . Ja ir vismaz viens (yay!), tad ļauj man tev pastāstīt.

:iconclublatvia: ClubLatvia ir DeviantART Latviešu mākslinieku kopiena. Visdažādāko mēdiju mākslinieki no visdažādākajām vietām, kuri pat dažreiz, reizi 1-2 mēnešos (dažreiz pat biežāk) satiekas kopā dzīvē, parasti Folkklubā "Ala" lai papļāpātu par visdažādākajām lietām, mākslu, spēlēm, filmām, u.t.t. Notiek galda spēles un kollabi. Vārdu sakot, es vēlētos lai tu, šī žurnāla raksta lasītājs, padomātu, varbūt ir labāk nevis sēdēt mājās, bet satikt jaunus cilvēkus kam kopīgas intereses :) !

Pats eju uz Devmītiem jau aptuveni no 2012. gada vasaras. Pirmā reize bija diezgan bailīgi, bet tomēr jautri ir bijis vienmēr, tāpēc esmu turpinājis apmeklēt šos devmītus. Nākamais, kas norisināsies 7. Decembrī gan varētu būt mans pēdējais uz kādu laiku, jo ja viss izdosies kā plānots, tad jau Ziemassvētkus svinēšu Norvēģijā kur pavadīšu vismaz nākamos 3 mēnešus.

Ja ir interese, tad 7. Decembrī pulksten 14:00 būs bariņš (cerams bariņš) cilvēku pie Laimas pulksteņa. Vairāk informācijas var atrast šeit:…;

So recently a good friend of mine did simply an amazing job on a commission. The goal was to design me a fursona, a Harpia harpyja or more commonly known as Harpy Eagle. She did an AMAZING job on it, I still can't believe how good it looks and I'm so in love with this piece of most beautiful art I've ever placed my eyes upon.

Commission - Dex Reference sheet by AzyoMecha

It is simply amazing, you would all agree with me, right?

And the artists name?

:iconazyomecha: AzyoMecha , also known as Ainars Septembergs (Pseudoname).

She's a very skilled artist with a very unique and interesting style and a wide range of different works. From Bioshock

 Mister Bubbles by AzyoMecha BS:Rosie by AzyoMecha

to My little Pony

+Fluttershy+ by AzyoMecha R-DASH 5000 by AzyoMecha

And loads of other stuff. Go check out her gallery!

She's not accepting commissions at the moment, but that only means that you need to follow her here, on DeviantARTTumblr and even FurAffinity. Oh, and don't forget Twitter too. Just so you can see more art coming from her, which will always be amazing (100% guaranteed) and see when she opens up her commissions!



Journal Entry: Sun Sep 1, 2013, 2:19 AM

I guess I have a lot to say and nobody to really say it to, so I'll just say it here. I just need some place to vent (haha, get that picture now?) and when I tried to do it with my friends, they started to draw comparisons with Sad Larry from Cyanide&Happiness. It makes me feel pretty shitty when I remind people of Sad Larry only because I wanted somebody to vent to...


Anyway, I'm back from BUCK 2013! Yaaay! It was a very, very fun trip, I'd have to say most fun I've had in my 23 years of life. The MLP:FiM convention itself wasn't nearly as much important for me as it was meeting my friends who I so far have only seen through Skype video-chat screens. It was such a pleasant feeling (a bit awkward at first though) and everyone's so awesome I don't think I really have any words to describe it all. The whole thing was so awesome, that I completely forgot to use my camera at all during the whole thing, only a little bit during the Summer Sun Celebration, which was a brony music concert before the convention. The SSC was awesome.

The convention and the trip was so awesome that I guess as soon as I returned home and was immediately faced with all these problems we have it felt so much heavier and harder to take them. It almost felt like a blow to the head with a baseball bat or an empty bottle (I know how that feels and it's painful, very very painful).

Now, remember everyone, I'm not asking for any help whatsoever. I just needed to vent. First problem was that we found out we're missing 92 LVL (roughly 130 euros) from my dad's bank account. We already went to the bank and they said they can't help it, so we'll try the company that shows up in the transaction results and hope, really really hope they give us back the money. We're a family that is financially struggling, so 130 euros is roughly over half a months budget for us. But as they say in Latvia, bad luck doesn't come alone. A few days ago my mom tripped and injured her foot. Luckily, nothing was broken, though I don't know why I said luckily, since it might've been better if some bone was broken than the tendons being ripped apart. She needs to rest at home for AT LEAST a month, which means only 75% of wage during medical leave and no money at all for the first 3 (or 5?) days, which leaves the 4 of us with roughly 30-40 euros for the whole month before the month has even started.

It is a serious though nuggies situation right now.

But it's all right, I've found a solution. My mom wanted to go back to job next week already with the whole injured foot (which could result in the foot getting fucked up for the rest of her life), so this is really my only option. I'm going to sell my camera and my lenses to pay off all bills and buy food for us this month. Or at least try, since my camera isn't worth THAT much anymore. But it does effectively mean I'm giving up on art. I don't know if permanently or only temporarily until I will be mysteriously able to find a job and afford a new one... But you won't be able to see anything from me for at least a couple of years that's for sure.

Aaaaand that's it I guess.

Oh, I also did lose my hat during the trip to Manchester. It was the deviantART I.D. box hat and I loved it so much :< . The BUCK staff members did find it, but at this point I can't really afford the 3.50 to ship it back to me.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me vent, if anyone even got this far. I appreciate it. I needed this. Thanks.

Rose in Rain

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 24, 2013, 8:36 AM

I just took few new photos and put them in Tumblr and wanted to share with you here.

Leave comments here if you want to see any one of my art piece on Tumblr here (not just from this photoset), in DeviantART. I still can't decide which one to put here and which one not to...

So my awesome friend AzyoMecha:iconazyomecha: entered a Minecraft Unsung Heroes T-Shirt contest and I just fell in love with her design so much, I wanted to share it in hopes you guys would vote for her too. This T-shirt just deserves to win and I think with all your help, it will :) !

Just click on the image below to get redirected and once you're in there, click "I would buy this shirt" and the best part is, you can vote as a guest too. You don't have to register!!

Update: There's just one day left for voting. It would be awesome to get all of your help :) !

Update 2: Voting is closed.

Heeey, look at that! An update!

Just wanted to tell you that ever since I've joined Tumblr, it has become a bigger thing for me. Basically, I upload all of my new art directly there and use it for a kind of testing grounds. If I see it becoming noticed at all, I do consider uploading it to my DeviantART gallery too, if it's up-par in quality. I also follow some really fun people there, both from real life and online.

So, if you're interested in seeing what's going on, check it out.

Here's some art from it. I may or may not put it up in here one day.

Also, remember to send me Asks ^^. I don't get any yet, but it'd be cool if I did! :P

See ya there!

AnimeFest 2013 Cosplay Event

Journal Entry: Sat May 11, 2013, 2:12 PM
So, my dA ClubLatvia friends had reminded me that this year there's an AnimeFest event. Seeing as I finally had someone to go with, I decided to give it a shot. I couldn't really afford the Festival ticket itself, so I only went to the Cosplay walk. And damn, was it fun! Now I'm sad I didn't go previous years :P .
There were tons of people cosplaying, posing, taking photo-shoots, acting funny and generally having tons of fun. I had fun too. It was a sight to see (especially since I'm an anime fan too).

I don't know which, if any, photo's I'll ever upload here, but you can all see them at my Tumblr blog. Just press on the badly cropped out Itachi to see more :P

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Press X to not die.

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 6, 2013, 8:36 AM
Bahumbug. I wish I had something nice to write from time to time here, but nothing nice is ever happening to me.

I got 2 things to rant about.

#1: I had a phone, a rather old HTC Desire. I bought it used of course, and since I bought it for real cheap, it was without any papers. Turned out the phone had a defect, it went into a boot-loop when it overheated (which was easy to do, just start any video/game/CPU intensive app and wait 10 seconds). Well, that was ok with me, I just didn't do anything on it. I had contacted HTC in UK about possible warranty and they said that they'll accept the phone without papers and warranty is until 15th march 2013 (this was more than a year ago). I clearly forgot that I talked to UK and that usually people/companies that aren't in Latvia are usually much nicer <.< ...

Well, the phone died last week, so I decided it'll be ok, I'll bring it in for repairs and I'll have it back better than before :) . Contacted HTC, said that Latvia has now a official company that does HTC warranty repairs. Bring it there, they take it and called me yesterday. "Sorry, but we diagnosed your phone, it's a faulty motherboard and we won't fix it without papers. If you want, you can opt for a out-of-warranty repairs and it'll cost you 200$". ...a brand new Desire costs 160$ and used ones go for like 100$ >.> .

So yaaay, lucky me, I'm broke, without a phone, don't see myself affording a new one anytime soon. Or anytime at all...

#2: My internship at CSDD started this Monday from the courses (no-pay internship). I went there on Monday, worked all day, was feeling quite ill by the end of the day. Next morning, huge temperature, coughing, sneezing, etc. Now I'm down with the flu and I barely worked 1 day at the internship. Just my luck. Well, not that it matters, they don't keep people after internships end anyway and it's a no-pay internship required by the unemployment courses I go to.

Sorry for the long rant.

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Artist Feature: iEatMudkipz

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2013, 1:50 AM
Haha, we start off with a pretty lolz'y name, seeing as Mudkips was a meme here in deviantart back in the days.

So, today I want to present a really community involved artist,
:iconieatmudkipz: iEatMudkipz .

Their art is one of the cutesy type, and it's worth checking it out.

:thumb339195319: :thumb351908809: :thumb353769928:

iEatMudkipz also does the whole adoptable thing, so if you're into that, go check their gallery out.


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 12, 2012, 9:34 AM
Heya everyone.

In case someone missed it or didn't know, I'm also now on Tumblr. I post there works before they reach my deviantArt page, sometimes things that won't even be here at all, if I think it doesn't meet my own set quality standards XD. I'm not too active there, but still, if you want to check it out, it's here:

Ten Ton Brick

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 26, 2012, 5:43 PM
It's been quite a while since I ever wrote anything. I feel like I owe to tell you all this

So, I'm back in Latvia. Yes, I was in Netherlands, but not for a long while. Things there turned out......not too great. I got there with a job and a place to stay, but I got into an accident that left me injured quite bad. Bad enough that I couldn't work, so I got fired. The back luck was it with me that my backup plan in case something like this happened also failed. Just 3 days after my sister got fired from her job also (due to completely unrelated things). Luckily, she had a place to stay, but unlucky for me, I didn't have any place to crash at until my injury healed, and I didn't even know how long that would take, so my only option was to return back home.

Yeah, it was one unlucky trip.

But that was long while ago and I have already moved on. I've been frantically trying to find a job, but as I've said before, here in Latvia (and now for some time also in Netherlands), it's very hard to actually get one. But that's ok, because I have a possible idea! I have knowledge in CNC machining, so me and my friend are thinking of building our very own small, compact CNC mill. It wouldn't cost expensive at all to build it, but we'd need some start capital. But the market is there, with the machine, slowly but surely, we could start to earn some money. Hopefully, at least this plan will work out!

Oh, and one more thing. Apparently I am now also on Tumblr xD . You can search for me, I have the same nick there as here, or you can just click here:

Internet Trolls and Slander...

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 6:43 AM

Hello everyone.

Well, this is pretty ironic. Remember my poll about cyber-bullying I posted some time ago? Well, right now I'm going through something like that. Cyber-bullying.

So, some person that I'm not going to name and who I don't know, ever met or even ever spoke to has been sending mass PM's to all my friends, watchers and all my club members lies and slander about me, and the sad this is, a lot of people for some reason fall for it. To some they send lies that my artwork is stolen, to some that I'm a hacker/script kiddy and to some that I'm a spammer bot spamming and exploiting bugs or holes in the system. And he encourages everyone to report me to dA staff.

Now, I have never done any of these things, so I'm really confident reporting me will do no good. But why do it? Why spread slander and lies about me? Please, people, I beg you, don't believe this person. He's just a person with 2 deviations and really low activity, so it's definitely someone's sockpuppet. Of course nobody would risk a ban for trolling, because this could be considered abuse and harassment.

So I ask you all again, if you receive such a PM, don't believe it and block the person.

Thank you.


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